Adam Tries Ep. 8 – Graphic Design
Working with the resources I had at hand (myself) and skills I possess (basic at best), I endeavored to create my own graphics from start to finish -- modeling, photographing and designing it all myself.
Adam Tries Ep. 7 — Super Bowl Live
With Minneapolis a whirlwind of activity for Super Bowl 52, my wife and I braved the crowds and chaos to see what was going on at Nicollet Mall's Super Bowl Live.
Adam Tries Episode 2 — Squatty Potty
The people I know who have Squatty Potties live and die by theirs. When some friends gifted my wife and me one for Christmas, there was only one thing to do -- try it. ‍🚽
5 Tips to Dating Well in 2018
The dating relationship is probably one of the most versatile relationships – risky, scary, disappointing, unnerving, exciting, passionate, rewarding. You almost can’t help but love it and hate it all at the same time.
Inside the Music with Adam: Tina Turner
"What's Love Got to Do with It?" may have been a hit for Tina Turner, but that doesn't mean she was a fan of the song! Adam goes inside the music in the video below.

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