We think we're normal, other countries think we're a bit odd when it comes to things we do all the time as part of our daily lives. There's a 'Minnesota' take on these too!

Growing up in the U.S.A., we have it pretty good compared to other countries. Some would say we're spoiled and wasteful, but I consider it just a part of growing up in the best country in the world.

When I saw this list of Buzzfeed, I had to share some of the things listed, and also give my "Minnesota" take of course!

1.  Cranking the air conditioning on full blast everywhere.
Minnesota take: When it's as hot and humid as it gets here in the summer, you bet we do!

2.  Our massive highways and the massive cars on them.
Minnesota take: We could always use more lanes, especially on I-94 between St. Cloud and the Twin Cities when people are coming back from the lakes up North!

3.  Restaurants serving water with ice cubes in it, even in the winter.
Minnesota take: Yes, and it's delicious. True fact, St. Cloud is near the top for the best tap water in the state!

4.  All the different flavors and varieties of foods like Oreos and Cheez-Its.
Minnesota take: Most of us also feel this is a little overkill. It's annoying when you can't find the original flavor hidden between all the others.

5.  Having so many commercial breaks during TV shows.
Minnesota take: It's bad here. For some reason we have the worst, low-budget local TV commercials that come out of the Twin Cities, and are forced to sit through them.

6.  Price tags not including the tax.
Minnesota take: I can't argue with that one. The actual price you pay is always the big question.

7.  Laws changing from state to state.
Minnesota take: That one is tough, but I am more concerned about even different laws from city to city. You know St. Cloud has a "no hamburgers on Sundays" law?

8.  Servers who are working for tips ... which makes them way more attentive and always asking "Is everything okay?".
Minnesota take: It's how it should be. If you're good at what you do you bring home a butt load of cash. I tip very generously if I get good service.

9.  Pharmacies that sell beer and cigarettes.
Minnesota take: We don't serve beer (OK, maybe the gross 3.2 stuff, but that's more like infused hops water) and there's not a whole lot of stand-alone "pharmacies" here, more like a general store with a Pharmacist in the back.

10.  All of our money being the same size and mostly the same color.
Minnesota take: We have places here that still take cash, where it's becoming more difficult to pay with cash in other states. We keep it green for simplicity sake. Your different color money is crazy and confusing, so back at ya!

Again, most everything on this list is completely normal to us. I still wonder how some other countries drive on the wrong side of the road and cars have to be made with the steering wheel on the wrong side...or are WE on the wrong side???

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