Winter isn’t my favorite time of the year. Just to be honest. But, I am all about making the best of it. Plus, my kids love the winter activities like sledding, building snowmen and making snow forts.

Photo: Alli Mae
Photo: Alli Mae

It always seems hard to get outside in the cold with young kids. It can be challenging having kids with a three and a half year age gap, but even the older kids still will want to get out there and play in the snow. Even me, and I am 36!

10 Things on My Family’s Winter Bucket List

  1. Sledding- Grab the sleds, or grab a snow tube.
  2. Build a snowman- Roll some balls, big or small. Build a snowman together. Find rocks for eyes, twigs for arms, and wrap him up warm with a hat and scarf.
  3. Have a Snowball Fight- Show the kids how to make a snowball. Have target practice. Set up something to throw at and let the kids get some practice in throwing. And have fun doing it.
  4. Build a Snow Fort- Pack the walls together to build a safe place for hiding out. Use a brick mold that my little guy uses in the sandbox.
  5. Let the Kids Help Shovel- While you’re out shoveling the driveway or sidewalk, let the kids help out. They even make little toddler sized shovels. Or have them make their own path or a snow maze.
  6. Make Footprints- Gear up and stomp through the snow and make footprints.You could have them try making their own footprints or look for animal prints. Can you find rabbit prints? Squirrels? Deer? Discover what’s in your backyard! And if they aren't sure they could take a picture? Then look them up together later.
  7. Get creative outside in the cold- Paint in the snow, Make it colorful! Water, Food Coloring and spray bottles.
  8. Make Snow Angels- After a fresh snowfall, go lay out in it and make some snow angels together. Make a whole snow angel family. It's actually fun for adults too. Makes you feel like a kid again.
  9. Play with Construction Trucks- This one will surely be a hit with my son: Load. Dump. Scoop. Pour. Do it in the snow. There you go.
  10. Skiing or Snowboarding Lessons-  A short drive away to  Powder Ridge in Kimball get discounted tickets here.

When you’re getting outside in the cold weather, be sure to dress warm and be careful. Make sure you take lots of pictures to capture these memories.

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