Camping ain't what it used to be!

My dad grew up doing a lot of camping as a kid. He used to share stories of going out with his friends or seven other siblings and roughing it for a night or weekend around Wisconsin. His stories always included details like pup tents and lakes and rivers and campfires and hot dogs and pudgy pies and general shenanigans that kids get up to. His stories rarely mentioned things like phones or ipads or laptops or radios or GPS's or just about any other form of technology besides, maybe, a lantern or flashlight.

Camping in 2020 isn't what it used to be 30 years ago, thanks in large part to modern technology. Just look at glamping. That's not to say that technology is bad, of course, or that spending time in the great outdoors is ruined by the benefits of modern tech. But camping has certainly changed.

A recent survey by SWNS Digital found the top 10 new camping "traditions" in 2020 (ie. ways technology has changed camping). They are:

10 Ways Technology Has Forever Changed Camping in MN

How else has modern technology changed camping (for better or worse)?

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