The environment in general is getting depleted, so we each need to try to do our best to help the area we live in. These 3 things will kill the St. Cloud area if they aren't kept in-check like NOW.

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    Amazon 2-day shipping

    Some might argue that we aren't burning gas to drive to the store, but even more gas is burned by delivery companies having to send out trucks to hit the 2-day delivery guarantee even when the trucks aren't full. The emissions are overall bad for the air in St. Cloud. Plus, we have plenty of local businesses that would love to give you the same product without having to wait for delivery.

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    Drinking straws

    Over 1/2 of us don't even use the straw that a bar puts in your drink. They're generally put in there to help bar staff know which drink is what. They generally are recyclable, but most of us here just throw them in our garbage, leaving our landfills full of them. FYI - In the U.S. alone, we use 500 million straws EVERY DAY!

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    Sparkly glitter

    Glitter is cute, and who'd think it's so nasty on our environment! Glitter is essentially small plastic particles that blow all over the place, and end up in our water supply here in St. Cloud. The Mississippi river carries water through the country and into the ocean. Fish end up eating the glitter, which isn't good for them at all.