Summer in Minnesota often means long road trips to destinations across the #BoldNorth. It also means seeing more military convoys heading up for training at Camp Ripley, located right here in Central Minnesota. Camp Ripley recently posted the 3 things Minnesota drivers should know about the convoys and what to do if you encounter one on the road.

During the summer months, there is always an increase in convoys coming to and from Camp Ripley. These convoys are part of units, both in and out of state, coming to Camp Ripley to conduct training. We wanted to share a few safety tips to keep everyone safe.

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- Don't cut them off. Many of these vehicles are heavy and carrying equipment, so their reaction time is similar to a semi-truck.

- Be aware that they have many blind spots. If they merge, do not try to speed up and "race" them.

- Try to avoid traveling in between vehicles in convoy.

Growing up this was the time of year we would often travel to parts unknown, and would often encounter these convoys as they were either heading to or from Camp Ripley. What was most impressive was just how many vehicles can be a part of these convoys.

According to the Camp Ripley website, these training convoys are a year-round occurrence.

"In 2023, Camp Ripley welcomed a new Garrison Commander, Army Col. Troy Fink, and Command Sgt. Maj. Rian Hofstad. Camp Ripley hosted 395,448 person-days of training for DoD personnel of all military branches. Camp Ripley hosted many state interagency partners, such as the State Patrol Trooper’s Academy, local law enforcement, and first responders, for another 83,902 person-days."

You can learn more about Camp Ripley by heading here.

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