With the new Lifetime Christmas movie filmed in Isanti being released this week, it got my creative juices flowing and thinking about what a cheesy holiday movie that featured St. Cloud would entail. Here are four ideas I came up with.

Christmas at the Quarry 

Plot: A young woman returns home for the holidays and works for a giant cooperation that is trying to shut down the quarry, putting townspeople out of work. Her parents remind her that many of her friends and extended family work there, and she has a change of heart and must choose between her job and hometown. In the process, she falls in love with the quarry manager who she had a crush on in high school. He teaches her the meaning of Christmas through the art of granite, and in the end, the quarry stays open. Also, the quarry manager’s dad is Santa.

Jingle Around Lake George 

Plot: A young woman returns home for the holidays only to be told by her mom that Lake George is being drained for a developing company to come in and build a bank. She gets her high school best friend and the boy who grew up next door (who is also home for Christmas) to help her stop the bank from draining the lake. She falls in love with the “boy next door” in the process. The fictional mayor of the town is revealed to be Santa.

Merry Munsinger 

Plot: A young woman returns home for the holidays and is told by her grandmother that flowers haven’t grown at Munsinger garden all year because the town lost its Christmas spirit. As she is walking through the snow-covered and barren Munsinger Gardens, she meets an old man who is actually Santa and is inspired to bring the town together with the help of her old high school flame who is a gardener at Munsinger.

They restore the Christmas spirit, fall back in love, and get engaged in front of the Munsinger fountain that is running despite it being Christmas eve. Also, everything blooms in the dead of winter. 

A Present for the Paramount 

Plot: A young woman is in charge of the big Christmas show at the Paramount Theater in Downtown St. Cloud. It is the talk of the town, and everyone attends on Christmas eve.

She books a band that is fronted by her high school nemesis/hot guy who made it big. At some point, he is referred to by a local as, “Hollywood”.

When funding for the show falls short, the woman and man must come together to save the Christmas production and in the process fall in love. The movie wraps with him singing her a Christmas love song and them sharing a kiss on stage.

I hate to give out my best ideas for free, so Hallmark if you see this, I'd like to be involved in the production of these films. Please, thank you, and you're welcome.

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