Age is just a number to these actors, veterans, and experts in their field, and what matters most are talent, perseverance, and grit. They range in age from 70 to 98, and span the baby boomer, silent and greatest generations. They have acted in every genre of film and television, including comedy, horror, romance and drama, and many have stage experience as well. They are truly some of the greatest entertainers in the industry.

To figure out who to include, Stacker curated a diverse list of well-known actors ranging from beloved character actors to A-listers who are still putting in the work in their later years. To qualify, the actor had to be at least 70 and either had to have been in a film in the past year or be working on one currently.

These stars prove that it is possible to have a career in Hollywood despite the ageism that has plagued the television and film industry since its inception. They are well-respected by fans and colleagues and continue to take on challenging and impressive acting roles both on the big and small screens. Whether they got their start on a soap opera or after a stint in San Quentin, these pros have the staying power to withstand decades in a very tough industry.

Oldest Working Actors

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