I probably average one robocall a day. It's so common for me that I don't even bother answering the phone unless I know the number. If it's important, they'll leave a message.


Believe or not, some people actually fall for these. The Better Business Bureau posted this list last week. Here are the five most common types of ROBOCALL scams people fell for this year.

  • "Caller I.D. Spoofing" - This is the one that comes from your own area code. The thought being you're more likely to answer it. It's the most common type and I get these a lot.
  • "The Chinese Consulate Scam" - If you speak Mandarin, you know this one. A message in Mandarin says there's a package for you at the consulate. To get it you have to give your credit card info. Apparently it fooled a lot of people this year.
  • "Health Insurance Scam" - The robocall comes in and offers a better insurance plan at a discount. If you call back, they ask for bank information. This one is more common this time of year.
  • "Search Engine Optimization Scams" - This targets small businesses. It claims the business will get dropped from Google's index unless they pay up.
  • "IRS Scam" - I've gotten this one a lot as well.  A robocall says it's the IRS trying to get in touch about a tax bill. They say things like you're facing jail time or a huge fine. And they even use fake IRS badge numbers to make it sound more legit.

A recent study found that 24% of all robocall scammers are most likely to hit on a Monday.