I'm a really big fan of the Food Network and basically, everything host and chef Guy Fieri is involved with. I think he does a phenomenal job showcasing restaurants that are off the beaten path and gives them a great platform to share their story and food.

The last time I made a list like this I kept the restaurants that I thought Guy Fieri should visit for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives within the St. Cloud city limits. This time I'm expanding it to Central Minnesota as a whole. There are so many amazing places to eat in our area, and I would love to hear from you on this topic. Feel free to share with me on our station mobile app which restaurants you think the Mayor of Flavortown should check out.

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6 More Restaurants Guy Fieri Should Check Out in Central Minnesota

Bonus idea: if Guy can't fit it in his schedule to visit these places, I would like to nominate myself to be a Flavor Town Correspondent and and fill in for him at all of these places and more. Do a Central Minnesota version of Triple D! (Food Network, let me know your thoughts, and please not in the form of a cease and desist.)

St. Cloud Restaurants That Should Be on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives


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