1. Open Garage Doors - EVERYONE will have their garage door open. It's like a law. It has to be open if you are home and it's above 30.

2. Long Car Wash Lines - Car washes have been closed due to extreme cold. Cars will be washed this weekend. Get yours there early to avoid waiting.

3. Snow Boogers in Parking Lots - It'll be warm enough to kick those snow boogers off the fenders of your vehicle. They will dot parking lots and driveways like little nasty landmines.

4. Sweatshirt Substitutes for Jackets - It's going to feel almost 90 degrees warmer than it did in the middle of this week. People will be shedding a layer and wearing a sweatshirt in place of the standard winter coat.

5. People Exercising - Cabin Fever was starting to set in. People will be out in full force this weekend, jogging, fat tire biking, skiing, snowboarding, doing whatever they can to get some fresh air!

6. Smiles - It has been miserably cold this week. Faces have been covered in fear of frost bite and the cold made people crabby. A little warm up with thaw out our cold hearts and share a smile with a stranger.

What is something you are looking forward to seeing this weekend?

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