Fall is right around the corner. And for a lot of people, it's their favorite season. A recent survey listed the top ten things people are excited for when it comes to fall and making the top ten was going apple picking.

Apple Harvest

That got me thinking. Where are some places you can go to pick apples in central Minnesota? Well, I did some research and found there are quite a few places that are within about an hour drive or less.

Here's a list of those places and where they are:

1. Hidden Cove Orchard - Cold Spring, MN (website)
Picking season starts August 30th. They also have a bunch of other activities you can do with the whole family.

2. JQ Fruit Farm & Orchard - Princeton, MN (website)
Picking season starts September 7th

3. Knaptons  - Rockford, MN (website)
Picking season should be starting soon. Call ahead. They also have a big variety of other fruits and vegetables.

4. Organic Breezy Hill - Maple Lake, MN (website)
Picking starts weekends in September. Pick-your-own certified organic apples, pears, and raspberries as well.

5. Apple Jack's Orchards - Delano, MN (website)
Picking season starts August 31st. They have a hug variety of apples to pick but not all are available right away. Call ahead first.

6. Woods Edge Apples Orchard - Buffalo, MN (website)
Picking season starts the last week of August.

7. Fairhaven Farms - South Haven, MN (website)
Not sure when they open since their website hasn't been updated for a couple of years. Call ahead to find out.