I know there has been a lot of bad news about the TikTok app, but I have been very entertained by it lately, and am getting a lot of great ideas from it. One of them being a new Christmas tradition I'm starting with my sister this year.

TikTok user MrsRobinsonsTea shared that she and her sister have been exchanging ugly Christmas ornaments every year, and their family casts votes for which is the ugliest to declare a winner.

There are certain criteria for the ornament to be considered "ugly":

  • It isn't tacky. Tacky is everywhere, ugly is hard to find.
  • It must evoke the question in your mind, "why?"

The example Mrs. Robinson gave was a golf ball-sized ornament that looked like a shrunken head.

The comments section was filled with their own ugly ornament examples:

Grace Bryan: "My mom has mine and my brother's old orthodontic retainers on her tree every year. She says they are her most expensive ornaments."

Kar: "My Auntie has one of Santa's toilet seat cover"

Mollaaymoo: "When I was four my dog ate my brand new Barbie, all that was left was her head. So obvi we put yarn in her hair and now she's hung on the tree every year."

Ida: "My mom has an ornament that is the 'New Years Baby' that is just a small baby head wearing a hat with a plush starfish-like purple body."

My sister and I have decided that we are going to do this to start a new tradition in 2020. If you need me I'll be hunting through every second-hand store in the county trying to win!

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