I'm not sure how to feel about this, but it sure did pique my curiosity.

A man from Minnesota has created a line of clothing that doesn't need to be washed as often as the stuff that is currently in your closet. The brand is called HercLeon, and the idea came from a trip to Iceland:

During the trip, creator Wen Muenyi only packed one backpack of clothing and very quickly realized that his one backpack wasn't going to be enough, learning that certain clothes smelled bad after one wear, making the other clothes smell too.  Being naturally curious, Wen returned home and started studying textiles and the process that leads to clothes smelling bad.

The first product Wen created was a self-cleaning t-shirt that he funded via Kickstarter with over 500 backers. After the success of the shirt, his brand went on to make bed sheets, socks, hats, towels, pillow cases, face masks, and underwear.

Everything we design, we make sure it's laundry-free, so it's always your choice if you want to wash your HercLéon gear, and if you choose not to wash them, they'll smell as clean as they did when you first wore it.


So how are these products self-cleaning? They are all made of something they created called HercFiber. It is composed of at least two components, including a metal like copper, silver, or zinc that is infused into a material like cotton, recycled polyester or bamboo. HercLeon isn't being selfish with their special fabric either, they are willing to share:

While we're excited to have created such a unique material, we're more than happy to share with any other company that's dedicated to help people live a better, cleaner, and more eco-friendly life.

I'm all for a company that is encouraging less laundry. HercLeon was featured on the TV show Shark Tank on February 12th, and you can find their products online here. 

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