When I was a little kid I lived in Savage, Minnesota. My dad was a young tile setter then and his first big, solo job was to tile the outside of the (then) Holiday store in Burnsville.

As the story goes, when I was crabby with my dad I would tell him 'that tile job looks terrible' when we drove by. When I was in a good mood (or, more accurately, wanted something like McDonald's or a toy) I would tell him how great the tile looks.

The location went from a Holiday grocery store, with a sporting goods store that eventually became a Gander Mountain attached, to a Cub Foods in the early 2000's. Now, according to Bring Me The News, the store may be torn down to bring in new development.

The redevelopment proposals calls for Cub Foods to be rebuilt on the western portion of the property to make way for several new retail developments on the 15-acre site, which is owned by West Palm Beach, Florida-based Sterling Organization.

The area wouldn't be losing its grocery store as the Cub Foods would be rebuilt as part of a six-building development. Burnsville Mayor Elizabeth Kautz says rooftops are a priority for any potential future tenant, indicating restaurants may be a big part of the development.

It's always weird to go back to your hometown and see how much has changed since your last visit, but there are always some major landmarks that stand the test of time and make you feel like you are home again. It's hard getting used to seeing less and less of them as time goes on.

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