When I heard about this profession,  I thought "what the heck?!?" Cuddlers are quickly becoming a legitimate profession.

Photo: Inside Edition Via YouTube
Photo: Inside Edition Via YouTube

For a fee, these cuddlists will meet with clients to deliver cuddles, touches, hand-holding, and other platonic touches.

This non-sexual touch therapy can last anywhere from just a few minutes to all the way overnight, depending on what the client wants. They are a big believer in the power of touch.

Robin Marie, a self-described cuddlist said that it is natural to want to be touched and that engaging in these sessions can prove to be quite therapeutic for many people.

They may not think this is a serious career field but, cuddlists undergo a process of certification. The organization, Cuddlist, offers a certification program that lasts approximately four months. They take cuddling seriously.

Marie follows a strict protocol when screening clients. She plays it safe, by  requesting identification, but she also makes her clients sign an agreement outlining the personal boundaries of the sessions. I just think that would be super awkward. The client does need to be fully clothed. I just barely like hugs from strangers I bet being all cuddled up to them would be horrible.

Some clients want to cuddle and others just want companionship. I was shocked to hear that Marie earns $80 per hour for this job. I guess there is a job out there for everyone. This was one I never heard of before.

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