If you were out and about yesterday, you slowly started to feel it. And as each hour passed, you felt it a little bit more and more. I went to help my son drop off his car to get the windshield replaced and when we left 10 minutes later, I swear it was 5 degrees colder...in 10 minutes.

Yeah, I know, it's January in Minnesota. Most of us are not big fans of it but we know what to expect - unless your'e new to the area - then all I can say is, sorry. All you can do is just pray it doesn't get too bad. And if it does, pray it doesn't last too long.

The only positive I get from a cold snap is when it gets back to the teens (I can't believe I said that) it's seems warm.

The National Weather Service has a few weather alerts for the next couple days. We should get a decent amount of snow, but the wind chill is the one to be extra cautious about.

Be careful out there and layer up.

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