I'm teaching my son to drive in Minnesota, it seems like a very daunting task watching him turn his signal on going into and then exiting the roundabout. In doing so, I ran into a few questions that I really couldn't answer; so I reached out to our listening area to find out what YOU think. The responses to my questions were mixed. The question is: Should you signal to enter and/or exit a roundabout?


Although I had a 70/30 split, about 30% of the people that sent me a message, said 'When in doubt...Signal."  But an overwhelming amount of people, and many that work in the legal arena said that signaling IS NOT required when entering or exiting a roundabout, (at least in Minnesota) because you are NOT turning. You literally have only ONE way to go in a roundabout, when entering, so a signal is not required. A person whose vehicle is exiting a roundabout is exempt from using a turn signal in the state of Minnesota.

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Here is what the Minnesota Driver's Manual says about roundabouts. The information is located on pages 26-28:

Roundabouts are designed to increase traffic flow and provide a safer intersection than a normal four-way stop. When approaching a roundabout:

  • Slow down as you approach the roundabout.
  • For multi-lain roundabouts, as with any intersection, get into the appropriate lane as you approach the roundabout.
  • Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the roadway.
  • Watch for signs or pavement markings that require or prohibit certain movements.
  • When entering a roundabout, yield to vehicles already in the roundabout. Do not cross into the roundabout until all traffic from the left has cleared.
  • After entering the roundabout, drive in a counterclockwise direction until you reach your exit.
  • Do not stop, pass or change lanes within a roundabout.
  • If an emergency vehicle approaches, exit the roundabout immediately and then pull over.
  • A vehicle with a total length that exceeds 40 feet, a total width in excess of 10 feet, or any combination vehicle, may deviate from the lane to the extent necessary to approach and drive through a roundabout when using due regard for all other traffic.
  • In multiple-lane roundabouts, if two vehicles with a total length in excess of 40 feet, a total width of 10 feet, or any combination of vehicles, approach and drive through a roundabout at approximately the same time or so close as to potentially collide, the operator of the vehicle on the right must yield the right of way to the vehicle or combination of vehicles on the left, and if necessary, reduce speed or stop.


There is no clarification on signaling going into, or out of a roundabout. However, I did find this from the Office of the Revisor of Statutes for Minnesota, dated 2022:

Subd.5: Signal to turn. A signal of intention to turn right or left shall be given continuously during not less than the last 100 feet traveled by the vehicle before turning. A person whose vehicle is exiting a roundabout is exempt from this subdivision.


After reading the responses from our listeners and those in the legal field, it is my understanding that you SHOULD NOT use your blinker when entering a roundabout
(because you are not turning)  AND you DON'T have to use your blinker when you exit the roundabout either, which is clearly stated in the Minnesota Statute.


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