ST. CLOUD -- Local bait shops are crawling with anglers gearing up for the 2018 Fishing opener Saturday.

Aaron Kreller is the owner of Stoplight Bait, Tackle and Guns in St. Cloud. He says business is booming as people stock up on supplies.

"It's crazy right now. It's been non-stop people, which is great. I'm glad the ice is out and people are getting out."

About a half-million anglers are expected to hit the rivers and lakes for the opener. Kreller says because they carry a special type of bait, they've had visitors from all over stop in.

"We were fortunate to get a good supply of spottail shiner's, so everybody has been coming from out east, out west, they've been picking them up."

Kreller says there is a special feeling of excitement many anglers get when the fishing opener arrives.

The 71st Governor's Fishing Opener will take place on Green Lake in Spicer.

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