ST. CLOUD -- Last year was a big year of new babies for the staff at the Family Birthing Center at St. Cloud Hospital, and there doesn't seem to be slowdown here in 2019. Registered Nurse Katlin Beckwith says the staff had 31 babies last year, and they're already expecting at least 12 more this year.

She says they started to realize something special was happening by about summertime last year.

We usually have a good amount of staff members that have babies throughout the year, but last year, in particular, more and more people started adding their name on a board that we have in our break room.  We realized it was turning out to be a lot of people.  And it ended up being a record amount of our staff members last year.

She says despite a lot of staff needing to go on maternity leave, they found a way to make it work.

I think that was a little concern of ours when we started seeing everybody pop up there, but thankfully you have nine months to plan before all these babies come, so our schedulers and our directors and our whole unit did an awesome job talking about what was coming.

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She says its been a feel-good story that the community has enjoyed hearing about.

I think it's nice to just have a heartfelt story like this and seeing a bunch of co-workers having babies together.  We're all like family and we're really close.  It's just an awesome story to see happy things like having babies.

Beckwith welcomed her second child, baby Henrick which was the 23rd of the 31 babies born.

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