We asked our River listeners what their favorite 80s bands and/or Duos were. Since this weekend is an 'Awesome 80s Party Weekend' for the July 4th holiday, we thought it was a good time to release the results.

Here is what our listeners said are their favorite 80s bands. Slight twist, I added my favorite songs from those bands. Don't expect the big hits though. We'll see if you like my choices.


Central Minnesota's Favorite 80s Bands:

It’s a tie between 'The Cars' and 'Duran Duran' - Mark Stimack


The Cars

When it comes to The Cars and their '80s songs, I have to go with 'Magic'. It brings me back to being a teenager in the summer of 1984. I had some good times that year and this was a song I heard a lot.


Duran Duran

My wife and I got to meet Duran Duran backstage (for a quick photo) and then saw them live at Red Rocks in Colorado. It was a magical moment and we finally got to check them off our concert bucket list. My favorite song from them is 'Is There Something I Should Know?' Love the guitar in the verses of this song.


REO Speedwagon

'REO Speedwagon' - John 'Johnny U' Uran

My favorite REO song is 'Roll With The Changes' but that does not qualify. So, my favorite 80s song is 'Time For Me To Fly.', I love the build-up, I love the lyrics and I love the song.


Bon Jovi

'Bon Jovi' - Patty Tarnowsk and Carolyn Kroska

'Runaway' was my favorite, but when I heard the album version of 'Lay Your Hands Me' and then saw them open with it during the 'New Jersey' tour -- I was hooked. And that was it. I've loved that song ever since.


Def Leppard

'Def Leppard' - Jeff Miller

This a tough one. The 'Hysteria' album was a huge influence for me in high school. I love this album! It comes down to two songs: 'Hysteria' or 'Animal'. And since I can't pick one, I'm going with both.





'Journey' - Tom Martins, Margaret Petroske Braun, Gail Fellingham Berndt

I can't nail it down to just one, or even two -- so you get three of my favorite Journey songs. Steve Perry's voice is still amazing to listen to.

'Stone In Love'

'Send Her My Love'

'Girl Can't Help It'



'Poison' - Shawma Schreifels

I bought this album during basic training. Fallen Angel became my favorite.

'Fallen Angel'


Thank you to everyone for your responses. I hope you liked the songs chosen.

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