These have suddenly popped up all around St. Cloud and it's not by accident. Here's why they're around trees all over the area.

It's likely not a scarf put around a tree by the city of St. Cloud, but rather an anonymous person who cares about our homeless out in the cold this time of year.

These scarves are for anybody who is cold and needs a scarf to keep themselves from freezing outside, as the attached note states:

Scarf around a tree in St. Cloud
Friendly note attached to the scarf

This particular scarf was on a tree by the Cash Wise on the East side of St. Cloud, but there are more around the city.

When I first saw this, I was confused why there were a few tress with scarves on them, then I saw a note and knew exactly what it was. After yesterday, there was 1 left around a tree. There are plenty of homeless people who walk that path on their way across Highway 10 to seek shelter.

Whoever you are that did this, you're a true "kind heart". You didn't seek recognition for this beautiful act of kindness, you just did it. This area needs more people like you, helping take care of our fellow citizens who aren't as fortune as others for whatever the reason is. Thank you for your care and generosity, especially this time of year.

I challenge more people to do this. Let's try to get a scarf on every tree near a walking path in St. Cloud. I promise they will be taken by those in need very quickly!

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