Ever since the release of the Justice League movie in 2017, fans have clamored for the release of what they call the “Snyder Cut” — supposedly the mythic version of the film as intended by its original director, Zack Snyder, who left the film for personal reasons in the middle of production. Although Snyder’s name is the one on the theatrical cut of the movie much of it was overseen by Joss Whedon, and die-hard Sny-nerds have insistently demanded to see Snyder’s original vision for the movie, whether or not such a vision actually fully exists.

While the creators of the movie have generally encouraged the Snyder Cut movement from a far, they’ve mostly stayed out of actively calling for the release of the Snyder Cut until today. That’s when numerous members of the Justice League cast tweeted with the famous “#ReleasetheSnyderCut” hashtag, including Ben Affleck...

...Gal Gadot...

...and Ray Fisher...

Mr. Snyder himself got into the act as well:

As Fisher notes, today was the two-year anniversary of the release of Justice League to theaters. So the question is, were these folks just celebrating the anniversary in a fun way, or were they hinting at something on the horizon?

According to The Hollywood Reporter“no announcement of a release of a Snyder Cut is imminent.” It’s possible, though, that this is a concerted effort by the cast to motivate Warner Bros. to actually fund some kind of Snyder Cut of the movie (which would take some time, effort, and especially money to complete). There might not be enough demand to justify a full release of the movie, but it’s the sort of project that could potentially bring some passionate DC Comics fans to Warner’s upcoming HBO Max streaming service.

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