I believe the correct Minnesota response when you see something that is out of character and not right, would be OPE! Just saw an OPE moment for sure while on Facebook and seeing countless posts about the snow. Most were funny pictures with cans of beer stacked up against the the snow, to see how many beers of snow we got.

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Fun fact: some places got nearly a six pack, but not quite a full one.

No, what I saw and want to share with you was a video shared on Facebook by MN Crime - Police/Fire/EMS. The video is a truck pulling an ice house, the wrong way on, what they report was "near Hwy. 169 and Pioneer Trail". See for yourself:

As you can see he eventually does get turned around and I can only imagine how he feels after that. Many responses on the Facebook page, has mixed reactions; from this guy clearly can't drive a trailer or ice house, to guesses on what could have actually happened. One Tim B., confidently stated,

He went through a ditch or hit the wall and came out the other side. Bent the tongue of the trailer doing it.

While many pointed out, that if he did get turned around or accidentally on the wrong side, the vehicle should have stopped and not kept driving the wrong way. Even though he did clearly appear to have his hazards on, does that make it better, or alright? Many of us will actually never know what exactly happened, and until one is faced with a situation as this, do we really know how we would react or what we would do?

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We all, passive aggressively, like to think we do...but do we? Do know the state troopers did catch up with him eventually and I'm going to go ahead and let them and the driver of the wrong way ice house figure it all out and go watch the video and think...OPE, only in Minnesota!

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