ST. CLOUD -- Bishop Donald Kettler of the Diocese of St. Cloud has issued a statement on the coronavirus. He is urging parishioners to take precautions.

Kettler is asking visitors to our nursing homes to be especially vigilant and potentially stay away from these facilities if they have symptoms of respiratory illness.

Worshipers who want to take additional precautions may choose to exchange the sign of peace verbally or with another gesture in lieu of a handshake, take Communion in the hand instead of on the tongue, and not receive the Precious Blood from the communion cup.

If you are feeling ill, please don't attend Mass and put others at risk. The Bishop says it is not a sin to miss Mass when you are sick.

At this time, the Bishop is not requiring parishes to modify any liturgical practices. Pastors, at their discretion, may implement specific guidelines they deem in the best interests of their parishes.

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