A Sartell woman with a revoked license, expired registration, drug paraphernalia and a warrant for her arrest was taken into custody by Sartell police on May 12th. According to the Sartell Police Department's Facebook page, she was risking being busted for all of the above because she wanted to check out some area garage sales.

The post says that at about 10:48 a.m. on May 12th, officers saw a woman they were familiar with from past interactions driving with expired registration and found that she was driving on a revoked license.

The officer pulled the car over and ran her information through dispatch, who informed the cop that the driver was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for multiple driving after suspension incidents.

As the driver was taken into custody, she handed officers drug paraphernalia that was previously concealed.

She told the officers she knew she shouldn't be driving, but that she wanted to check out some garage sales. She was booked into Stearns County Jail.

10:48 AM. Traffic Stop. 13 Av N. While on routine patrol an officer saw a vehicle and driver known to him from previous contacts. The officer noticed the vehicle’s registration was expired and that the female’s driving status to be revoked. The officer stopped the vehicle, and the female driver told the officer she knew she should not be out driving but wanted to go to garage sales. The officer ran the female through dispatch and learned that she had a misdemeanor warrant and multiple driving after suspension incidents. The female has been deemed a habitual violator by the State of Minnesota. The officer contacted the Stearns County Jail to see if they would accept the female with current Covid Restrictions and the officer was informed they would. As the female was taken into custody, she handed the officer drug paraphernalia that she had previously concealed. The female was transported to the jail, booked, and held for court.


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