When it comes to things that Minnesota is famous for, the list can be quite long – Prince, the Twin Cities, the Minnesota Wild, craft beer, subzero temperatures, and the Vikings blowing it in the playoffs (hardee har har har.) Of course, it’s hard to talk about what helps make our state famous without mentioning the one and only – Bob Dylan.


Some would argue he was the voice of a generation. He’s one of the best selling recording artists of all time, and is recognized as one of the world’s greatest song writers. It’s pretty cool that he calls Minnesota home.

Mr. Dylan recently announced that he would be teaming up with film maker and historian Martin Scorsese to release “Rolling Thunder” – which will recount the life, friends, and music of Bob Dylan in 1975. Sources state that the film is set to be released at some point this year. Hopefully, it’ll hit Netflix sooner than later. Fingers crossed.

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