The bodycam footage was released yesterday from the Minneapolis officer who shot 2 dogs in a family's back yard. It's pretty apparent there was no need to shoot at them.

According to GoMN,The Minneapolis officer was responding to a home alarm that had gone off. He claimed that when he entered the back yard, there were 2 large pit bulls that charged him, and that's why he shot them.

The video is hard to watch as the bodycam clearly shows the dogs were not charging him initially. The white pit bull named Ciroc, who initially approached the officer, was obviously not showing aggression. He actually was friendly and seemed playful on the video! The 2nd pit bull, named Rocko, only starting showing some aggression after Ciroc was shot by the officer, noticing there was something unfriendly going on.

Both Ciroc and Rocko survived the shooting, but remain in veterinary care at this time while they recover.

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