Just in time for Summer- with the thinking that it will eventually warm up!  But the POPs company has come up with some cool flavors for popsicles that includes some different flavors of booze.  The flavors are champagne, gin and tonic, bellini, and martini.  The downside is first, that they only really have about 4% ABV , and second, that this company is based in the UK.  Big BOOOO on that one.  BUT guess what we have here.... Costco...and it opens at the end of June here in St. Cloud.

This is the next best thing.... and actually it might be a bit better because of these factors...

I'm talking about Costco's Slim Chillers.  These are basically what you remember as Mr Freezie Pops when you were a kid.  But now add booze- 8% ABV by the way, and some delicious summery flavors.  Cosmopolitan, Watermelon Lemonade, Appletini and Lemon Drop.  How can you possibly go wrong with this?  YUMMY!

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