A fundraiser for a Buffalo man has once again shown the generosity and good-will that a community is capable of.

Paul Pyykkonen is well-known in the Buffalo community. He works at Menards, is hard working, friendly and reliable. According to his manager, "He goes out of his way to help people before he's asked. He's just an all around good guy and everyone loves him."

Because of neglect Paul suffered as an infant, he's unable to read or drive and so rides a bike to and from work.

Enter Todd.

Todd -- a member of the community -- noticed Paul's positive attitude and cheerful disposition and wanted to reward him for it. He decided to raise money to go towards a new bike for Paul and created a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $1,500. "I might maybe hit $500 in a month," he told Bring Me the News. He hit that in two hours. When someone commented that they couldn't donate anymore because the goal had been reached, he raised the total. The goal was reached again, and again he raised the total again.

When the community got wind of Todd's campaign for Paul, everybody wanted to chip in. At the fundraiser's website, many people left comments on why they love Paul.

"Our whole family looks for [Paul] whenever we go to Menards."

"Great guy, always has a smile on his face!"

"Mr. Paul is a man that brightens my day each and every time we meet! A great man with a heart of gold!"

Within 24 hours, the campaign for Paul's new bike had raised over $13,000. Todd has partnered with Eric's Bike Shop in Maple Grove to get Paul whatever bike he wants and outfit it with additional accessories he'll need like a light as he sometime's rides home at night. Additional comments at the GoFundMe page suggested a lock and a cart to pull groceries.

At time of writing, the campaign total for Paul's new bike stands at $14,657.