A Bloody Mary.  It seems like that is the staple of a Saturday or Sunday morning if you are having brunch in Minnesota.    Or, if you are planning to "day drink".  That seems like the first thing that you will drink to start your day.  It also seems to be a pretty good "hangover" drink. Whatever your jam, a good "build your own" Bloody Mary bar is great.

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There is a bar in Waconia, a little over an hour from St. Cloud, that had the "world's largest Bloody Mary bar".  What makes up the largest Bloody Mary bar?  219 garnishes that were at your disposal.  Unfortunately, this was a special event.  And it did break the world record for a Bloody  Mary Bar.  How did I not know about this event ahead of time?

The bar is the 'Garage Bar and Bowl" in Waconia.  And this was an attempt to break the world record, and they accomplished just that.  The former record-holder was a bar in Fort Collins, CO when they had about 45 garnishes.  So this one absolutely crushed that record.

We spent so much time and effort planning this event, trying to keep everyone safe and navigating the challenges that arise – especially during a pandemic," The Garage owner Dan Madsen told BMTN. "The best, most enjoyable part of this event for us was seeing everyone having a great time. I think we are all struggling these days, socially and otherwise. Events like this might be what people really need right now; a sense of togetherness and community in a safe and controlled environment."

The garnishes were in two rows on the bar.   But there were also food runners from other locations around the bar.  This was extensive.  Next year, I need to plan to attend this event and see if they can keep the tradition going; you know someone is going to try and beat this one. Going to be hard to do!