KIMBALL -- After voters approved part of a bond referendum at Kimball Public School, staff are getting ready for a busy year.

Kimball Superintendent Erik Widvey says the plans for building improvements are in the works.

So (the bond referendum) addresses our building needs … our elementary and our high school. More importantly, it addresses security entrances at those facilities. It also brings along an opportunity to improve our early childhood learning area, which is currently sitting in our elementary building. What we'll be able to do now is move those early learners into an area that's going to have a new cafeteria.

In addition, a remodel project will soon be underway in the high school to rehab a few 50-year-old classrooms.

At our high school facility, we're looking at upgrading or science rooms. Science classrooms at Kimball High School have been around since 1971. There are obviously some changes that have shown over that period of time. And then our family consumer science area, we're looking at upgrading those facilities.

Kimball school is one of the few in Minnesota to start before Labor Day. Teachers will begin workshops August 23rd, with the first day for students August 29th.


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