It doesn't matter if you're married or single, we all go on 'dates'. Here's a few great tips for having the best success when you're on a date around central Minnesota.

Have you ever been on a date and it felt awkward because of the person you were on a date with? Let's face it, not everybody is a rock star when it comes to going out on a date. They could be a really neat person with a lot to offer in a relationship, but they have a tough time getting past going out to that first dinner. Hopefully this advice from PR Newswire will help get past those issues that are causing you to strike out.

Here are a few things they suggest to avoid at all cost when your on a date:

1. Negativity. It's a huge turnoff and a major buzzkill. Try to find a positive in as much as possible and you'll look like a ray of bright sunshine.

2. Talking so much that your date can't get a word in. You may just be a "talker", but tame it down and learn to listen as much as possible. Don't inject yourself into every topic and make it "me, me, me", make it about them.

3. Controversial topics, like politics and religion. Your opinion on these topics are personal and reflect your beliefs, and should be kept private. They aren't a good idea to talk about anywhere, and especially on a date!

4. Cheesy one-liners. They are difficult to return conversation with, and it will look like you say that to everybody you've dated. Saying things like "If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put 'I' and 'U' together" make the other person want to barf and honestly it's uncomfortable!

5. Using too many big words just to seem smart. This happens all the time and one of two things is guaranteed to happen...either you don't have a clue what some of these words mean (if they are even a real word) and the other person knows it, or they will feel like they are dumb because they are having a hard time following the conversation. Stick to the basic of conversation and just be yourself, that's all they are hoping for.

Guys -- Just be a gentleman and make her feel like a queen and you have a much better chance of success. Open/close doors for her, slide in her chair, and learn how to listen.

Another thing to keep in mind is where you agree to go on a date. There's a lot of bars in the St. Cloud area, and it might seem like a great idea to meet there, but it's not the place to start that first date at. There's too many distractions for getting to know each other, so pick a quiet place to have dinner and drinks and if all goes well then continue on to a movie or a show at Paramount or Pioneer Place. The bars/clubs are a good idea when you are both established and have pushed past that successful first date.

I also want to make sure and stress how important it is to go on dates frequently when you're in a relationship. Even if you have kids, carve out "date night" time for you and your spouse out on the town. It's important and keeps excitement in what can quickly feel dried up otherwise. Treat your significant other like it's your first date and you'll be amazed how much that will spark up the passion for the relationship!

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