Driving in the St. Cloud area can be a little bit like traveling in the Wild West. Best to keep your head up and trust no one.

I decided to get a dash cam over the winter to make sure my butt is covered in case one of our local driving psychopaths hits me and it becomes a case of he said, she said.

I really don't drive too much- mostly to work and back- but that doesn't mean I don't see my fair share of insanity from local drivers. The two wildest intersections that I regularly encounter are Highway 23 and Lincoln and the intersection of Highway 15 and CR 29 in Sartell.

Almost every day cars barrel through those intersections with little regard for anyone's lives but their own. It's getting a little ridiculous.

We did a story on red light runners a few months ago. Here are a few comments from local folks on the situation:


Just moved here 1 year ago after moving away 44 years ago. One reason I would consider moving again. Terrible traffic, terrible drivers!


I always wait a good 10 seconds after the light turns green...


Any stoplight on hwy 15. Traffic on 15 is known for ignoring the traffic light until AFTER it turns red.


I go half mile out of my way in the morning to avoid 2nd st and 15


Yes. If you are first in line stopped at the red, watch out. Don’t assume you have the road when it turns green. Because you probably won’t.

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