UNDATED -- Elected officials in Stearns and Benton counties have set their salaries for next year.

Stearns County commissioners voted 3-2 in favor of freezing their salary at $37,479 in 2020. Stearns County commissioners also won't be paid per diems again next year.

Benton County commissioners voted to increase their salary at the same  2 1/2% rate as the rest of county staff. County commissioners' salary in 2020 will be $30,162 and will include $60 per diems again next year.

Salaries for sheriff, county attorney and auditor-treasurer in Stearns County are on the same grid as the other employee bargaining groups and will get 3% increases. County attorney Janelle Kendall will earn just under $180,889 a year, sheriff Steve Soyka will earn $155,530 and auditor-treasurer Randy Schreifels will have a salary of $152,774.

In Benton County, those elected officials are getting a 4% salary increase. County attorney Philip Miller will earn $123,735, sheriff Troy Heck will make $114,736 and auditor-treasurer Nadean Inman will earn $97,344.

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