Over Thanksgiving weekend I spent a lot of time in Long Prairie. I was back and forth to the area for DJ gigs, the big craft show, and of course family gatherings. At one of those gatherings, my sister-in-law told me all about the new coffee shop in town.

Hayley and Rae Boutique has been open at 110 Lake Street for a couple of years now, and I have shopped there too many times to count. But recently the space has been totally redone to make room for a new coffee shop.

When I heard a coffee shop was being added to that space I thought it was just a little coffee corner going into the boutique. My sister-in-law pulled up some photos on her phone of the remodeled space and I couldn't believe it was the same building. I knew I had to go see it for myself.

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I stopped in to 110 Coffee Co. on Friday afternoon and was blown away. The coffee shop looks like something you'd see in a town much larger than Long Prairie, and I was immediately jealous that it didn't exist when I was growing up. At least I have it now, and I have adult money to spend.

I got cold brew coffee with oat milk and two pumps of vanilla syrup and enjoyed the ambiance. The space was warm and cozy, and had a really relaxing vibe. Which ironically was exactly what I needed in the middle of my crazy busy weekend. the glass garage door connecting Hayley and Rae was open so I did some browsing there as well. It was an overall wonderful experience.

I'm so happy this new coffee shop exists in Long Prairie and I'm looking forward to filling up the punch card that now lives in my wallet.

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