I think that back in the day we all went to the video store to rent movies, and sometimes... if you go WAY back, you'd have to rent the machine too. I can't even imagine that being a thing now.  It's easy to just stream a movie off of some service that you have online. Even if you rent the movie, you just click "buy" and voila!  There it is!

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Blockbuster and all other video rental places slowly went out of business. The last Blockbuster in Oregon is still open....but for how long?  There was one last independently run video store in the metro area that just closed recently. I'm surprised that there was a video store that was still operating to this day.

Now, Blockbuster has posted a message on their website and that hasn't happened in about a decade.  And it's very cryptic.

It simply states "Blockbuster We are Working on Rewinding Your Movie".


Now, if I were to venture a guess based off of nothing, this is what it would be.  If Blockbuster is going to make a "comeback" I think it would be in the form of another streaming service.  But not like Prime or Netflix where you can binge watch shows and have other services. I think that Blockbuster would be a rent as you go service.  That way you can get new releases. You would have a membership, just like you would have when it was still a physical store.  The membership could be free, but you would pay for the new releases as you rent them... and possibly games too. Just like the store.

This is only speculation.  I don't know any more than anyone else who sees this message.  But obviously they are going to do something...why else update the website??

We all have questions.

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