If you're like me, you always enjoy watching broadcasters slipping up and having one of those "blooper" moments.  Being in radio, I've witnessed my share of these often embarrassing moments.

Usually at night I make a point to get my local news on KSTP News. I like the anchors and the weather lady, Wren Clair does a great job. I really enjoy anchor, Kevin Doran, just because he's just naturally kind of goofy.

So last night (2/1) I was watching the KSTP News with Kevin Doran as the anchor. They were just getting ready to go to weather and Doran was doing one of those feel good kind of stories about a snow sculpture here in Minnesota.

I was just kind of half paying attention when I thought I heard something unusual and pretty darn funny. I immediately scrolled back on my TV and sure enough, he said what I thought he said.

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