The Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football.  This hasn't gone  well for the last 9 games.  But last night, the Vikes broke that losing streak.  They beat "da Bears" 19-13.  Not a high scoring game, and I'm not sure the Vikings played all that well, but a win is a win.

But, during the game, did you notice Adam Thielen's cleats?  They were designed to honor Alex Trebek, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last week.  Everyone I know has watched Jeopardy at one  time or another in their life.  I feel like it's on the same level as The Price is Right.  Everyone knows that game show too. And especially Trebek who hosted Jeopardy for the last 36 years.  I mean, it's like you grew up with the show and that same recognizable theme song.

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I thought it was pretty cool.

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