ST. CLOUD -- With the start of school just a few weeks away, St. Cloud Area School District 742 is putting the finishing touches on the rules.

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At the board meeting Wednesday night, a number of changes to the student handbook were approved.

Starting this fall, headgear will be allowed for students in 6th through 12th grade. According to the policy, headgear will be allowed provided it does not interfere with the learning environment. In addition, staff may direct students to remove headgear if it becomes disruptive.

Read the Student Dress and Appearance policy here.

In other changes:

  • The “NC” grade used during the COVID pandemic will no longer be used. Instead, the “F” grade will return for students failing a class.
  • COVID-19 is added to a list of illnesses (chickenpox, RSV, etc.) that require parents to contact the school nurse to plan a return to school.
  • Expectations of both student and teacher activity during E-Learning and Flex Learning days are outlined in detail.
  • A statement was added reinforcing the idea that student fees should not be a barrier to participation in an activity.
  • Language was updated to help provide clear instruction in safety protocols.

School in St. Cloud starts September 6th.

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