I wonder if Minnesotans find these words the 10 grossest in the English language just like the rest of the world?  Well...It's no surprise that the words we think are the grossest, typically describe gross things that paint a visual picture. Warning: If you're eating something right now, maybe don't read this until your food has settled. The words really are gross by nature.

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10. CURD

Seriously? Curd? Here in Minnesota, this word probably doesn't ring the "gross" bell. Curds are some of the most delicious treats in the whole wide world. When I hear CURD, it makes me want to head to a county fair booth and order a couple of different flavors and start dipping away in some marinara sauce.


Okay. Now we are headed to gross land.  Although putrid, in itself, doesn't really bring me visions of nastiness, it does describe things that are pretty disgusting.


Here's another word that could go either way. When I think of something that is oozy, I think of grilled cheese sandwiches. Really? Maybe I'm just more positive than most people.


Alright. You've got me now. After having visions of my delicious grilled cheese sandwich with ooey gooey cheese oozing out all over the place, you had to go and say mucus. Dreams of grilled cheese sandwiches have just left the building. Of course, a lot of people under the age of 5 would tell you that mucus isn't gross to them. They probably like boogers just as much as a grilled cheese sandwich. (You have my permission to puke in the corner now).


Yep. I have nothing to add. Fester makes me think of some pretty gross things, and I'm not wanting to talk about it.


Since I don't think I've heard this word, I'm not grossed out, but if you are educated on the word of splooge, you are probably saying that this is a pretty disgusting word. Splooge's definition? An abrupt discharge of fluid.


There you are. There's the word that even bakers don't like. It's just a moist-sounding word. Everyone likes a moist chocolate cake; but if I could think of a better word to describe what a moist cake is like, I'm not sure it would be any better than the M word.


I guess this can be a gross word, but I just don't have the disgusting mind that takes me to a place where seepage is disgusting.


No need to explain this one. It brings visions of disgust to my mind.

1. PUS

I tend to agree that this word can bring pictures to mind that I really don't want to see. However, I think most of America is fascinated with pus. Just watch "Dr. Pimple Popper" and you know what I'm talking about.


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