Step aside goat yoga, the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls is taking yoga with animals to the next level.

This June, the zoo is offering a yoga class where you will be surrounded by tigers, a bobcat, a cougar, and an arctic wolf. That'll get your blood pumping!

Tamsie from Red Yoga conducts this unique Yoga class behind-the-scenes at Pine Grove Zoo. There will be plenty of space to social distance, while offering this up-close opportunity to view the Tigers, Arctic Wolf, Cougar and Bobcats. Regular Zoo visitors don't have access to.

After the class is done, you will even get an opportunity to feed Raya and Paski, the resident Siberian tigers at the zoo.

This class is being held on Friday, June 18th, 2021 bright and early at 8 am. Stay up to date on the latest information on the Facebook event page. 

The Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls is one of the oldest zoos in Minnesota. It started with just two Great Horned Owls to Pine Grove Park in June of 1913, and has grown today to be home to tigers, cougars, wolves, zebra, kangaroos, otters, bears, yak, and so much more. They are growing and expanding every year, with the mission of educating guests on the conservation and care of animals. They are open seasonally in Minnesota, with opening day 2021 set for April 15th.

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