WCCO TV recently had a debate with their affiliate station in Boston about "who has the toughest winter?", and based on the statistics, the east coast seems to have it worse than us in the winter.

When Minnesota gets a cold day or snow storm, national news doesn't blink an eye. Now when the New England area gets any of this, all eyes are on them and it's all over the news. Why is this??

It's not that Minnesotans are just tougher people (well, kind of), but the east coast has many more variables that makes a snow storm worse overall compared to Minnesota. They usually have warmer temps than Minnesota, so they get more ice and wet snow. That causes power outages and very dangerous road conditions. There's also the ocean that has its own weather patterns, and can make a simple snowfall just downright awful. This past winter, they had a couple more big snow falls than Minnesota did, and it left a mess out there.

We had a few below zero days and an average temp well below what the east coast had. So we win on the "tough scale" on that one. You've got to hand it to the new England area, they get some brutal winters and may just have it worse with the inconvenience factor.

I'll take some frigid cold days over getting nailed over and over again with slippery and sloppy messes, any day. I'd say they have a pretty good reason to be in a bad mood as much as they are...

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