Remember the Krispy Kreme craze? People would camp out and line up for hours to get donuts.  I never understood it.  We're talking about donuts. Donuts people.

Well, the craze is back. This time it's a new donut place called Duck Donuts in Woodbury. It's niche...made to order donuts. You can design your own donut and I have to say, that is pretty cool.

duck donuts via YouTube
duck donuts via YouTube

They say they are "...the fastest growing donut shop in the U.S.". People say they're amazing and I'm sure they are. I love donuts! But I'm not camping out or waiting in line for hours. I will swing by there when I'm in the area to check it out and hopefully the line isn't too long.

Find out more about Duck Donuts here. And on their Facebook page.