Earlier this week I started a petition to convince Disney to take an extended hiatus from making Star Wars films after the release of episode 9. I was determined that, we – the fans, could ban together and save the franchise.

After all, rebellions are built on hope, aren’t they? Well, after shooting an elaborate video, writing up the petition, and sharing it with as many people as I could, at the end of the week the petition has a grand total of…


6 signatures. That’s right, 6 big ones. And 1 of them is my own. I feel I would’ve been able to garner more, but the official Star Wars Facebook page (where the announcement of more films was EXTREMELY unpopular) decided to mark my petition as spam.

They really didn’t want people to be made aware of it. After all, if the fan base had banned together to try to put a stop to Disney, it would’ve really put a dent in their pocket-book. Never-the-less, the galaxy has spoken. 11 Star Wars films in less than a decade.

When the greatest film franchise is over saturated and people are tired of having it shoved down their throats, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I guess this is how Star Wars dies – with thunderous applause.

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