Most of us use emoji characters to show feelings and make it easier to understand our texts and social media posts/comments. Here's what's used the most in each state.

Emoji characters are intentionally made to be cute, and really do emphasize what we're writing. Some of us use them all the time, and others rarely or not at all. There are also some that use them way too much, and even all by themselves!

Decluttr spent some time to take a look at each US state's favorite used emoji, and it really tells us a lot about each state.

The most used emoji is the "laughing so hard I'm crying" face. The states who use this emoji the most are: Alaska, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, West Virginia, Utah, Montana, Maine, and Rhode Island.

The "poop" emoji is surprisingly used the most in a few states, including North Dakota and Wisconsin. Not sure if it shows a maturity level type of thing, or if they just have lots of crappy conversations...but they use that the most.

Minnesota is pretty right on. We're a happy state and flirty, combined with some humor. It's fitting that we like to use the "smiling wink-eye" emoji.

As for the peach and eggplant emojis, those are just wrong. Those food symbols represent body parts, which I'm sure you can figure out...

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