There are a lot of DIY projects to take on. From DIY bath bombs, soaps, jewelry, handcrafted goods, candles and then there are more challenging projects.

There are endless possibilities for the crafty types. For the DIY people out there that want to take on a bigger project and build an entire guest house for your backyard. Last week on Amazon they were actually sold out of these. The DIY Allwood Solvalla Garden House is back and has had some improvements. This looks awesome.

I am in love with the tiny houses, but this one might be a little too small to attempt to live in. You can make  it into a "she shed" or guest house. Love my family and friends but wouldn't it be cool to have a small guest house for them to crash in.  It could be a cool art studio, pool house to store all the pool toys, or what not. Plus, you can purchase all the parts and instructions on Amazon.

It's only 172 square feet, the tiny space is compact but still has enough room to be useful, whether it's used for storage or a guest house. In the description, it said it could be built in one day about eight hours when two adults team up.

If you want to add anything extra like HVAC or electricity to this DIY home, you'll need to do that yourself. Other than that, feel free to paint the wooden structure and decorate however you want. Make it as elaborate or as simple as you want. I think mine would include a wine fridge, a chandelier, comfortable couch and a big screen television. I would be in heaven.

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