Can you imagine if you turned on your computer and Ellen DeGeneres was talking to you on your screen? This happened to a Minnesota mother recently.

Stacey Elsenpeter of Andover, Minnesota got quite a surprise recently after Ellen learned what she did to get a new kidney for her oldest son, Zachary (13 years old), who needed a new kidney since birth.

She's a single mother of 3 children, and her son Zach was born with failing kidneys, and has needed a transplant since. Stacey wasn't a donor match, so she donated her kidney to the donor list in hopes to help her son get a much needed kidney. 3 years later, Zach received a kidney!

A correspondent of the Ellen show was waiting outside to setup the surprise to the Elsenpeter family, which were tickets to the show during the popular "12 Days of Giveaways" that Ellen does every year. The kids were in disbelief, saying "This is not real!" when they were on the computer video with Ellen.

So why was Ellen DeGeneres so excited to spotlight this Minnesota family? She found out that during the very difficult times the family was going through, they credited the Ellen show for getting them through it.

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