If you're in the market for an item for launching things, the Alexandria Area Sell Swap and Trade Facebook page has you covered. A listing for a homemade trebuchet showed up on the site over the weekend:

I will be selling this trebuchet after I throw a couple flaming logs. You will have to put your own weights on it as I just am using makeshift counter weights. Perfect for throwing your dog's ball into the neighbor's yard for him to do his business over there. Perfect if you have a neighbor whose dog does his business in your yard to return it back to his second story window.

The condition of the trebuchet is listed as "used -- like new", but the use list of the machine is what really caught my eye. It starts innocently enough wanting to toss flaming logs, a perfectly good reason for someone to build this intricate device. Then it goes onto explain that other possible uses include tossing a ball for your dog. It then escalates quickly into using it to toss dog droppings at your neighbor's house. I'm starting to question the creator's original motives.

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The comment section was filled with crying laughing emojis and people tagging friends in the post that they thought needed this machine. As of the time of publication of this post, it is still available for the price of $400. A Google search of "how much does a trebuchet cost" quoted about $300, so an extra $100 for labor and testing doesn't seem like an unfair price.

Check out the listing for this log, ball, and poo throwing machine by clicking here. 

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