I have never seen something more accurate in my life. Central Minnesota is a great place to grow up and live. There are lots of little towns that use the St. Cloud area as a hub. But when you leave the area, it can be hard to describe where exactly your town is located.

I ran into this problem quite a bit when I went to college in the Cities. People would ask where I am from, I would reply "Long Prairie". They would ask where it was, I would say "North of Sauk Centre, kinda by Lake Osakis". They would have no idea where that is, and I would resort to saying it was about an hour from St. Cloud. Then they would know the location I was talking about.

This way of describing things is actually striking a chord with a lot of people. Just last night I saw 4 or 5 tweets from different parts of the country using this tweet format to describe/complain about where they call home. It's kinda fun! Leave your version of it in the comments below!

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